I Do It Versace.
I Do It Versace.

I once read somewhere
That our brains
Are negatively bias
This meaning
That we tend to remember
Negative memories
More than the good ones

Then tell me why
I remember the taste
Of blood and flesh
Mixed with pure exhilaration
As I bit the inside of my cheek
Anticipating our first kiss

Or the exact number of steps
I took up the stairs
And down again
In heels that hurt the soles of my feet
And a black dress that I couldn’t breath in
Or when all of the
“Do you think he’d like this one?”
Was finally confirmed with your crooked smile

I still remember
the smell of your old T-shirt
The scent clinging to me
Just as your arms did
When you saw me weak
A moment of undeniable vulnerability
Surpassed by a hiccuped laugh
When you said how you hoped my tears didn’t stain your shirt

I remember the sound of crickets in your backyard
A porch light shining in the distance
Moments where the emphasis of sincerity was evident
As we’d just simply talk
And never run out of things to say
To this day
I can’t come to buy that brand of bug spray
Or listen to that song
Without thinking of you

In fact
I remember all of the good things
Like the light in your eyes
When you introduced me to your friends
Or the sound of your laugh echoing your hallways
Memories scattered like the board game pieces you threw
In protest as you complained the game was unfair
because I had won

Sometimes I wish
That my brain was wired
To a negative bias
So I could easily recall
The bad rather than the good
Because only then I would understand Why I shouldn’t be missing you
Like this.

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